The pneumatic lymphatic drainage


That technique has proven its benefits throughout the years in the most demanding centers worldwide.
The Pressodermie®, integrated into physiotherapists’ treatments and present in the majority of Spas’, is daily used to drive manual drainage courses complete.


Our concept, through innovative programs and equipment, consists in inflating every chamber successively.  
The first distal cell is inflated with an appropriate pressure (Hg 50mm for example). According to the version of apparatus, the rate of pressure is read with the position of the needles on the pressure checking gauges (TP 05) or with digital pressure indicator (TP 07).
During the pressurization of the second cell, the pressure of the first one is gradually increased to the top of its initial value.
This rise in the pressure thus completes a new phase of work where it is applied.

We can note that the difference of pressure between these two cells directs the flow of the hydrous fraction in the required direction.
In the same way, the pressurization of the third cell raises the pressure in the second which even raises it still a little in the first, and so on for all the sequence of compression.

In addition to the interest of the distal /proximal pressure wave, that way of proceeding reveals the assets of a decreasing compression in the same direction.
Also, the principle of this true “pressure gradient” is synchronized with the direction of the pressure wave, i.e. that the distal pressure increase is given gradually.
We call it “automatic double gradient of static and dynamic pressure”.

That phase of compression keeps acting throughout the session.
At any moment or level selected, it makes it possible to reduce the effective pressure, the total duration of application and the number of chambers of the accessory (boots, sleeves…)

The auto-regulating pressurization to the volume of every limb drives the technique of Pressodermie® :
- effective throughout the treatment
- not injurious to the surface vessels
- capable to work with very soft pressures.
- to be the sole concept to make the manual lymphatic drainage complete and efficient regarding the safety and comfort in use.


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